Which version of Color Efex Pro 3 should you buy?

More info and resources The filter collection ranges from photo correction filters through to stylised creative effects. Image filtering There are numerous filters and effects available directly in Photoshop, but combining them and trying out different options can be a bit daunting if you are not familiar with them all. The Nik package combines a large collection of filters under one simple interface, allowing their effect to be applied to whole images or just parts.

What do you get with Color Efex Pro? Using Color Efex Pro The usual way to apply a Photoshop filter is to go to the filters menu and select a filter — each of the standard Photoshop filters has its own interface. I find that Color Efex Pro makes it easier to browse and experiment with filters. There are a number of preview options that allow you to evaluate just how much better or worse the filter has made your image.

Remember that an image that is created for a big print may not look its best at small sizes and vice versa. The full list of filters provided is shown below. Effects can apply to the whole image, or just part, such as the Fog effect below. The area of effect can usually be varied and with many filters there are different varieties of effect. The image can be zoomed, or you can look at a magnified view in the bottom right corner of the window.

This is where a multichannel histogram is available. The split line can be moved as required. Note that this is just the preview — the filter applies to the whole image. Many filters also have shadows and highlight preservation options, which help stop shadows and highlights opening up or blocking too much. There are filter categories to make it a bit easier finding your way around. When you select a filter from the list, there may be preview versions, to help evaluate some of the options.

Stacking filters With earlier versions of this plugin, you needed to apply multiple instances of filter, which might lead to unintended consequences, resulting in a need to go back and make more adjustments even with smart filters.

One key advance is the ability to stack filters for multiple effects. I can turn off this filter layer the tick box and use all the usual preview and adjustment settings. You can also return to earlier layers and re-adjust settings. You can switch filters around and view the stack just as you would an individual filter. The bicolor filter — Nope, not taken with this one. It is at least quick to go through options and you have a detailed history available, which includes any tweaks to sliders.

Do note the problem in the corner — sensor dust is showing rather too much. A reminder that Which version of Color Efex Pro 3 should you buy? up images early on in your workflow often helps.

Recipes After all the trouble Which version of Color Efex Pro 3 should you buy? testing filter combinations, what to do with them? You can see my own saved recipe in the lower right corner — I can now give any room the tacky Vegas hotel look. If you click on a recipe, it applies the full set of filters.

Although the plugin makes good use of multiple cores and any GPU present, you do need to wait for it to catch up every so often. As well as Which version of Color Efex Pro 3 should you buy? your recipes, you can export them. One trick is to alter the blending mode when you are painting in the mask. Luminosity can allow quite subtle changes in tonal contrast to be applied.

Masking and Control Points Some filters may be appropriate to just small parts of an image, and the plugin offers some very effective ways of controlling this. Mouse over the image to see the effect look at the colour of the building. Move your mouse over the image to see. It really is worthwhile taking time to appreciate this powerful masking feature. The masking option is available via the Nik Selective Tool, which allows you to selectively brush in or erase the effects of any filter.

As I mentioned earlier, the history option is very detailed. You can see some of my experimentation below. Which version of Color Efex Pro 3 should you buy? The filters and recipes give an incredible range of options. Remember that the more you push and pull the data from your camera file, the more likely that unwanted effects may show, such as the dust spots and noise in the detail of sky below.

The better quality file you start with, the more you can do. I Which version of Color Efex Pro 3 should you buy? also mention the amount of free support offered through the Nik site, both with samples and tutorials. Available in downloadable versions — time limited demo available. System Requirements Mac OS Enjoyed this article? Other areas of our site that may be of interest It covers all of Keith's specialist articles and reviews. Articles below by Keith Google's picks for matching this page.

Which version of Color Efex Pro 3 should you buy? Nik Software Color Efex Pro 3 buy key

Color Efex Pro 4 Full Crack Latest Version has a amazing presets that can come in handy for those who are now accustomed to photography filters and want to experiment with settings first! It is a wealthy gift for those who like photography and photo post-processing with many popular and professional software like Photoshop. Figure 3: One of the strengths of Color Efex Pro is that there is surely something for every photographer. This new time-saving Photoshop software enables you to click and click to make the picture amazing. Running Color Efex Pro 3. Of course, which allows you to retouch images with precise selective enhancements. The sheer numerical quantity Which version of Color Efex Pro 3 should you buy? the filters gives you some idea of what a workhorse this filter pack is-and almost all the filters are both robust, and come with many sub options that can be chosen. Besides, not all effects are so easily categorized-or Which version of Color Efex Pro 3 should you buy? to one category, you hire them, it's clear the current Surface RT suffers from first-generation woes where specs had to be locked down months in advance as the software was still being built. Nik makes organizing and keeping track of the filter collection a little easier by dividing them onto separate tabs.

Which version of Color Efex Pro 3 should you buy?

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