Which Alien Skin Exposure X2 Bundle software to buy?

Exposure X4 gives you dozens of filters and film presets These are all highly customizable and can easily be used to batch process thousands of photos or fine-tuned for your final selects. Of course, Lightroom has some presets built into their software as well, but they are much, much more general and of course accessible to everyone who uses Lightroom. That being said, you can download thousands of presets for free online and import them into Lightroom, but if you want a one-stop shop for quality film presets bundled all in one piece of software, Alien Skin's Exposure is definitely the overall winner here.

Layers One thing that always frustrated me with Lightroom was that I could not apply effects and edits on different layers. Instead, I still had to rely on Photoshop to tweak specific parts of an image, blend multiple exposures, and maintain a well-organized, nondestructive workflow.

Now that Exposure has introduced a layers panel, you almost get the best of both worlds with Lightroom and Photoshop all in one piece of software.

I say "almost" because the implementation of layers in Exposure is still a little clunky and requires a bit of muscle memory to master the process, but overall, it is a feature I think will help distinguish it from other similar editing suites. Unlike Lightroom that requires you to add gradients, masks, and retouching all to one single file, Exposure offers the ability to create different masks for each of these edits. Not only does this make it much easier to control each step of your edit in a versatile way, but it also helps you stay organized when revisiting files and tweaking nondestructive edits.

I do wish Exposure would eventually allow you to align and blend multiple images all within one piece of software, but for the time being, having any sort of layer support within a raw editing suite is pretty exciting. Raw Conversion Quality Perhaps the most important element of any raw processing software is the overall rendering quality.

As a bonus, you can easily protect parts of the image to keep it free from the texture effects. Finally, I added a custom vignette. Once again, I had all the controls at my fingertips to tweak the effect to my liking. I adjusted the center of the vignette, tuned the distortion, and adjusted the roundness and the edge transition. I then saved all these customized parameters as my own unique preset so I can apply it to other images with a single click.

The amount of control and the options that are available in Exposure all at once are impressive to say the least. Every element I wanted to adjust was easily available and logically laid out, allowing me to experiment until I got the exact look I was after.

In the end, the final shot looks exactly like what I had in mind when I imagined the idea in the first place. With these, instead of adding photos manually, you simply specific a set of conditions — a particular camera or lens, for example, or a particular keyword — and Exposure X4. Otherwise, Exposure X4. Editing tools Exposure X4. It supports the vast majority of camera RAW formats, but you may have to wait a few weeks for support to be added for very new camera models.

You can use Exposure X4 as a regular photo editing tool for curves, retouching, local adjustments with masks and, in this version, perspective corrections.

In this version, Alien Skin has added improved highlight and shadow recovering tools for RAW files, which makes it easier to extract the maximum tonal information from your files. Nevertheless, Exposure X4. But it does offer adjustment layers and masks for combining adjustments and effects.

You can create as many adjustment layers as you like, and apply the full range of editing tools and image effects to any of them. You can create layer masks manually using a brush tool, or with a gradient or radial mask tool. You can build your own effects manually from scratch, but the presets give you a useful head start and also give you ideas for ways to process your pictures that you might not have thought of otherwise.

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Which Alien Skin Exposure X2 Bundle software to buy? Alien Skin Software Announces Exposure X2 RAW Photo Editing Software for Photographers

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