What version of ElectrodeWorks to buy?

Contribute Parameter and Position dialogues allow you to fine tune the electrode positioning and orientation. On validation the electrode is then cut, showing clearly the burn faces. Modification through specific electrode feature tree Modification of the position and definition of the Electrode and clearance is accessed through the dedicated ElectrodeWorks property manager tree. Copy electrode by feature recognition Copy the electrode automatically to the same features on the part in preview and allow the user to select or de-select the electrode positions.

Drawings Drawings are instantaneous and complete including sheets for electrode manufacturing and EDM burn process. Technology Technology is defined through a dedicated dialogue which defines material and allows you to scroll through the built in surface finish standards according to E, Rmax and Ra. Process Process setup of the rough to finish spark gaps and the pattern method and definition are defined through the same dialogue, as well as safety z-level penetration for each of the different spark gaps.

The exact burn area is also calculated. Software SolidWorks 64bit Trudy T. Licensed and qualitative software is a must for people of my profession. Here I bought Autodesk Architecture. Parameter and Position dialogues allow you to fine tune the electrode positioning and orientation. Software SolidWorks 64bit Errol — , AR — My friend a professional designer, by the way advised me this online store.

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what version of ElectrodeWorks to buy?

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