SigmaPlot 12.5 Precio Barato

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Heart Lung Circ. The model established at the plank scale is then transformed to adapt it to the stack scale. The validation of the model obtained is done by using the measurements of Dr. Monkam Louis done on the Iroko wood and on ours own measurements on the Ayous wood. These results are satisfactory compared to those of the model established by Dr. A sensitivity study is then carried out on the wood under study. It is observed that the drying of the Ebony wood in a free convection solar dryer is economical and temperature and relative humidity influence significantly the drying time of the Ayous wood, which is dimensionally stable during drying.

The parameters associated with the stack do not have an influence on the values of the humidity and temperature of the wood if the stack does not present any obstacle to the flow of the drying air. Using the continuity equations of the dynamic quantities in our system enables one to predict the appearance of defects in the wood and to avoid them.

This work is an initiation of the revision of drying data tables for tropical wood. Key words: View Show abstract The results of steady state and transient conditions were in good agreement with experimental and theoretical works and simulation model verified that it can be an effective tool for the design of a solar timber dryer and the prediction of moisture content behavior [24].

SigmaPlot 12.5 Precio Barato


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