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It's perfectly suited for her needs without giving her the feeling of being overly complex and overbearing. There are a few features that I would still like to see before making a switch, but I am probably in a special class of tech users. I actually think that The Hit List would be a perfect solution for most people. The wait for an updated desktop and iPhone app of the Hit List has been long overdue, and I think it was worth the wait.

The Hit List's sync is blazing fast and extremely reliable. It's a great solution. I guess this is a true tale of the Tortoise and the Hare. Clean interface; Does not seem overwhelming Very well organized. Entering tasks is fast and the keyboard shortcuts give it a very fluid feel Switching between list and context mode is very nice and well thought out. Printing looks as great on paper as it does on screen.

This was a very big deal for my wife who likes to take paper with her. This hasn't worked for Omnifocus for quite some time. It's a feature that I really miss. Over-the-air sync is lightning fast. Again, the entire process is very simple and streamlined. The whole thing is incredibly well done. I had written a portion of this article on the lack of repeating tasks before I found out that The Hit List actually supported it.

I would like to be able to set a start or due date for an entire task list, rather than having to assign it to each task. I would consider turning that off by default.

There should be a way to define a default list for contexts or tags e. This is kind of confusing and annoying. The today view should only show you tasks that are due today. Upcoming should show you what's coming next. Add a Time field to the start and due options.

This is useful for keeping appointments, or scheduling a task at a particular point in the day e. Hit enter to cycle to the next task, or Esc when done entering tasks. Setting to hide tasks that have not started or will not start for x amount of days. For example, I have a Bills list, which contain a list of monthly repeating bills that need to be paid.

There should be an active filter to not show items which have not yet started. Seeing every bill in the list becomes confusing. Ease of Use:

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