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For the extra fee, you get access to 2 more apps — Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Access. The bad news is these apps are strictly PC or Windows only. Microsoft PowerPoint Features When it comes to presentations, PowerPoint remains the king of presentation software. Now, both the Windows and Mac versions get much awaited updates. As usual, however, the Windows version still have a slight edge over the Mac version especially with the new digital ink features.

Without further ado, here are the top new features and updates in PowerPoint Morph transition Windows Mac. One of the coolest features in the new PowerPoint is the Morph transition.

Creating seamless-looking animation no longer needs to be so complicated. With just a few clicks and some good planning ahead of time , you can achieve your desired effect quickly. If you want to know more, I wrote a detailed tutorial on how to use the Morph transition here: Zoom for PowerPoint Windows only. You can jump from one section to another, from slide 5 to 10 to 3 to 6, and so on. Check out my tutorial on this awesome feature here. Insert 3D models to see all angles Windows Mac.

Inserting 3D models onto your presentation slide is now extremely easy. Vector graphics for visual impact Windows Mac. Inserting and editing SVG files like icons and logos is now possible on the latest version of PowerPoint.

Convert SVG icons to shapes Windows only. An SVG icon is made up of different elements or shapes. If you only want to use one or two elements and delete the rest, you can do this by clicking on the SVG icon you want to convert. This will open up the Graphics Tools. PowerPoint will ask you to confirm that you indeed want to convert the icon to a Microsoft Office drawing object.

Click Yes. Easier background removal Windows only. You can remove image backgrounds on Mac, but the Windows version of PowerPoint makes it a much simpler process.

Microsoft has made the background removal feature more intuitive and the marking pencil can now draw free-form lines. Export to 4K Windows only. Ultra HD or 4k is fast becoming the norm in video nowadays. Recording features Windows Mac. Draw or write with digital ink Windows Mac. If digital ink is your thing, then you need to be on Windows. Mac does have a Draw tab, but the options are severely limited, as you can see below: PowerPoint on Windows have various digital ink features.

As you can see on the screenshot above, you can convert ink to text, ink to shape, and ink to math. Text highlighter Windows Mac. Additionally, if you already use Microsoft Office extensively at home or work, being able to switch between Macs and PCs gives Microsoft Office Suite a big plus. Microsoft Office is known for having a slight edge for ease-of-use and is packed with more features.

As Microsoft Office continues to learn the macOS, it continues to grow. In Microsoft Word for Mac, you can use the Touch Bar to insert hyperlinks, comments, or photos right in the text editor. In Excel for Mac, using the equal sign on your keyboard will launch most recently used commands on the Touch Bar. Then you can select a range of commands or perform specific actions. From here, you can attach relevant files with a single tap. During slideshow presentations in Powerpoint, you can use the Touch Bar to view specific controls.

The function integrates slide thumbnails and includes a timer to make moving through your presentation on time a snap. The good news is you can easily substitute lacking MS Office apps with Setapp. Enter Swift Publisher. Swift Publisher has a robust set of design tools that allow you to apply gradients, draw freehand shapes, and control different aspects of your design layout at once. The app also features an extensive graphic library with over 2, pieces of clip art and image masks.

The best alternative to Microsoft Visio With the need to create flowcharts, diagrams, and organizational tables for your projects, you may miss Microsoft Visio. Fear not. You can easily brainstorm and create long-term plans with iThoughtsX instead. Plan projects with Merlin Project Express Merlin Project Express will help you plan both home and professional projects. Just like Microsoft Project for Mac, Merlin Project Express lets you create tasks, manage dependencies, and track progress with ease.

You can also come up with project templates to streamline your workflow, set daily goals, and visualize the timeline. Consolidate all information in one place with project info at hand by attaching emails, images, costs, and notes.

Msoffice Home and Student 2019 mac Everything You Need To Know About Microsoft Office 2019

The new Design tab provides quick access to features, and Smart Lookups shows relevant contextual information from the web directly inside Word. We are unable to send these keys back to Microsoft so we cannot Msoffice Home and Student 2019 mac any Office purchases requires 30 day notice of cancellation. The software can be installed on a PC or Mac device depending on your computer. Yes, you may transfer your product license to another user. Yes, all of our products are full versions of genuine Microsoft products with legitimate license keys, as well as Korea's top decision-makers and top-ranking ministry officials. You may be Msoffice Home and Student 2019 mac to purchase a new license with a new version of the product. This is an outright purchase of Home and Student so you don't have to worry about renewals. If you are a Saveonit. No graphics requirements MacOS: Requirements PC: .

Msoffice Home and Student 2019 mac

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