Low Cost Solidworks Software

I have the same question and it looks like you can use git lfs: I have not used it, but considering it or simply using git to manage a small solidworks project for an opensource 3d printer. With Git LFS there exists something along the lines: Git extension for versioning large files Similar to the comments about SVN, git has a learning curve, but I don't see how it wouldn't be beneficial for a mechanical engineer to learn git? Yes, it's a bit convoluted until you learn it, but it's really not 'that' hard. Here's a couple reasons I think using git LFS is beneficial: An early comment asked, "Why not use PDM? Ie, a manual from SW's that is pretty thick? There are all kinds of setup and work flow questions to answer with it.

Low Cost Solidworks Software


The BEST PC and laptop hardware specifications for Solidworks 3D CAD (2019)

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