How to purchase Aimersoft DVD Backup software online

Is legal to rip DVD disc to digital copies? Plus, in the U. Why pay for DVD Ripper software? Handbrake exists. So, why would you pay for DVD ripping software? There are some movies on DVD, as you probably know, have some pretty sophisticated DRM digital rights management technology. That is, copy protection. These are used for converting the copy-righted DVDs to other, required digital formats. The unique feature is the region based access restriction, along with player-host mutual authentication and data encryption.

It can protect the DVD from piracy and playback in certain devices. It results in errors if you try to copy the protected content. This adds tension in the user before trying to copy, as the original DVD would go waste with an erroneous output.

Sony applies the copy protection system on the DVDs. It lets you copy, rip, and backup DVDs. Multiple formats: The various conversion profiles are very useful for literally everything from simple file formats to custom-made rips for latest devices like smartphone, tablet and gaming consoles. There are additional quality settings that you can manage before you start the ripping process.

For example, you can choose which codec to use, change the resolution, the frame rate, and the aspect ration, among other things. After we successfully ripped our test , we added it to iTunes as a home movie and then transferred it to test iPhone. It worked! Ripping time: The image and audio quality are kept high. It is potential enough to make the most and NVENC hardware encoder to deliver fast and process high-quality encoding and decoding. The ripping is usually completed within 5 to 10 minutes with an average of to FPS.

As a part of plus preloaded profiles, other compression formats are available. Our personal take: Like a few DVDs rendered personalized content as per the choice of the user. For example, a few Disney movies resulted in DVDs delivered content based on the choice of the users to select different version. These are specifically referred to as 99 title DVDs. Some are designed with additional titles, making the job of DVD copying even more difficult.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is known to use intelligent algorithms to wisely analyze and choose the most important and necessary titles only. In almost all cases, there is no need to manually select the different soundtracks and titles.

All you have to do it just push in the disc, select the DVD button, and choose the output device you want.

All this takes less than a minute. This leads to make it a powerful decrypting tool. Video editing: Even the externally developed. SRT format is also accepted. The editing features let you to fine tune your conversions with options to crop or trim any part of the video. You can also merge several videos together to make one file. It also allows you to fiddle with the digitizing factors like resolution, bit rate and frame rate per second. However, it cannot add adjust picture features, such as brightness and contrast.

It lacks the ability to add watermarks. Optimize storage: Also, storing it in the hard drive allows you to connect a play in various devices, different computers, with a single storage location. During conversion from one format to another, WMV or MP4 or any type of file will undergo a change in the memory size — often it bloats up.

WinX is the pro at eliminating this issue. After ripping, it ensures the final file has not crossed the limit. This conserves some storage space on the target device. This decrypter software enables it to copy even newly established copy protections. It can copy any kind of content, without compromising on the quality of the content.

That includes lifetime free upgrades and unlimited technical support. You can also get Mac OS version of the software for the same cost. Pros, cons and our verdict Pros Support all type of DVDs Supports all popular formats and mainstream devices High-quality output results.

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Purchase Aimersoft DVD Backup for Mac online here. It's % secure and up to day money back is guaranteed. Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate is the latest version of Aimersoft video converter software. It's the most value of money video solution Aimersoft offers. It combines video converter, video downloader, video editor, video compressor, DVD burner, CD burner, screen . Purchase Aimersoft DVD Backup. LaserDiscTip: The latest version of DVD Copy has added more copy modes to provide better DVD DVD Backup Tips DVDs are an amazing yet costly investment, which over time can become scratched, damaged and even completely unusable.

how to purchase Aimersoft DVD Backup software online


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