How to buy Corel Website Creator X6 once?

CorelDRAW X6 introduces four additional shaping tools that provide new creative options for refining your vector objects. The new Smear tool lets you shape an object by pulling extensions or making indents along its outline.

The size of the brush nib and the Pressure setting let you control the intensity of the effect, and you can choose between smooth curves or curves with sharp corners. Alternatively, you can use the pressure of your digital pen to determine the intensity of the smear effect. The new Twirl tool lets you apply twirl effects to objects.

The size of the brush nib lets you determine the size of the twirls, and the Rate setting lets you control the speed of the effect. You can also choose either a counterclockwise or a clockwise twirl. In addition, you can use the new Attract and Repel tools to shape curves by attracting nodes or by pushing nodes away from other nodes in close proximity.

To control the shaping effect, you can vary the size of the brush nib and the speed at which the nodes are attracted or repelled. The new shaping tools provide creative options for refining vector objects; for example, smearing an object top left , adding a twirl effect top right , using the Attract tool bottom right , and using the Repel tool bottom left.

For precise control, you can use the Nib size box to adjust the size of the brush nib. Create clip mask: For example, you can adjust transparency levels for the whole group without altering the pixels of the individual objects. The new Create Clip Mask option gives you greater control when applying effects to groups of objects.

Freehand Pick tool: This new tool helps you save time by giving you greater control over object selection and transformation. Especially useful for selecting curved objects and non-linear shapes, the Freehand Pick tool lets you drag a freehand marquee around the objects or shapes you want to select. Pass Through Merge Mode: For example, if you turn on Pass Through, the lens or effect will apply to all objects, including those layered below the group. Integrated web development: Drag-and-drop web design: Corel Website Creator X6 provides drag-and-drop design capability.

You can place images, text, or other page elements exactly where you want. A thousand all new, professional quality high-resolution photos are included. For example, choose the Ellipse tool to create a circular shape. The difference between a smooth smear and pointy smear is noticeable only with higher Pressure values. To smear the outside of the object, click outside the object, close to its edge, and drag outwards. Object Properties docker: By grouping all object settings in one location, this time-saving docker helps you finetune your designs faster than ever before.

The redesigned Object Properties docker groups all object settings in one location. Enhanced support for Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe Acrobat, and Microsoft Publisher files facilitates file exchange with colleagues and clients. Hints docker: The Hints docker now includes a Videos tab, which provides a collection of instructional videos that cover a range of topics, from creating basic shapes and basic object transformations to applying interactive contours and transparencies.

This makes it easier for new users to learn how to use the tools in the toolbox. The Hints docker provides information on how to use the currently selected tool. OpenType fonts are based on Unicode, which makes them ideal for crossplatform design work, and the extended character sets offer outstanding language support. Accessible from the Object Properties docker, the OpenType features let you choose alternative appearances for individual characters, or glyphs, to suit your stylistic preference provided that the font supports advanced OpenType.

For example, you can apply a different number, fraction, or ligature glyph to achieve a certain look for your text. Support for advanced OpenType gives you access to alternate appearances for selected characters. Alignment Guides: With CorelDRAW X6, the new Alignment Guides help you position objects more quickly, appearing on the fly with suggested alignments to the existing artwork on your page.

These temporary guidelines appear when you create, resize, or move objects in relation to the center or edges of other nearby objects. Alignment Guides interactively connect the centers and the edges of objects, and you also can choose to display Alignment Guides from the edges of one object to the center of another object. You can modify the default settings for Alignment Guides to suit your needs.

For example, if you were working with a group of objects, you could display Alignment Guides for individual objects within the group, or for the bounding of the group as a whole. In addition, you can specify margins for Alignment Guides to help you align objects at a set distance. You can also choose to display the Alignment Guides to follow the margins only, or to follow the actual edges of the object.

The new Alignment Guides appear as you move an object, helping you position objects more quickly. For example, choose the Rectangle tool to create a rectangle. Interactive frames: CorelDRAW X6 provides interactive frames that help you efficiently generate mock-ups of design ideas. The new empty PowerClip and text frame functionality lets you populate your designs with placeholder PowerClip and text frames, which makes it easier to preview a layout before finalizing its individual content components.

With CorelDRAW X6, you can also now drag content over a PowerClip frame, and then choose either to add the content to the frame or to replace any existing frame content. PowerClip frames also now give you the option of centering content within the frame or scaling content to fit proportionally within the frame.

In addition, you can now easily create text frames from any closed curve object, and you can then edit the frame to take on any shape imaginable. The empty PowerClip feature helps you visualize a layout before adding content. Complex script support: With CorelDRAW X6, the enhanced complex script support built into the overhauled text engine ensures proper typesetting for glyphs used by Asian and Middle Eastern languages.

Support for complex scripts ensures that multilingual glyphs display correctly in your documents. Page numbering: With CorelDRAW X6, the new Insert Page Number command helps you instantly add page numbers on all pages of a document, starting on a specific page, or starting at a particular number.

This flexibility is ideal for working with multiple CorelDRAW files that will eventually become a single publication. You can choose from alphabetic, numeric, or roman formats, and you can display page numbers in lower or upper case lettering. You can also insert a page number inside existing artistic or paragraph text. For example, choose the Polygon tool to create a polygon frame. The frame will be highlighted when the object hovers over the frame.

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Corel Website Creator X6 provides drag-and-drop design capability. Place images, text, or other page elements exactly where you want them. Enhanced! Timeline Editor. Within the website creator, there is a Timeline Editor that helps you give life to static website content, such as text, photos, graphics, and video. As such, the views expressed in this site are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the views of Corel Corporation, or its affiliates and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents. Mar 21,  · Organise and group content by type or project, using multiple trays that are shared between three of the suite's applications: CorelDRAW®, Corel® PHOTO-PAINT™ and Corel® CONNECT™. New custom website design software Effortlessly build professional-looking websites, design web pages and manage web content with Corel® Website Creator™ X/5(28).

how to buy Corel Website Creator X6 once?


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