How do you get BeLight Software Image Tricks Pro?

It is useful when creating newsletters, magazines and all types of documents in which you can use common design elements on the spread. Customizable Grid Enhance the accuracy of your work by using a customizable grid and conveniently set the horizontal and vertical grid spacing.

Form Creation Picas support and a customizable grid make Swift Publisher 5 particularly convenient for working with forms. The program includes several widely used form templates that can be used as a starting point in creating your own form.

Linked Text Boxes Text box linking has evolved in Version 5 by allowing to link existing text boxes or break links between boxes. Useful Add-ons 2D and 3D Headings A collection of artistic heading presets guarantees that your documents stand out. Each and every heading preset was created by a professional designer who carefully selected How do you get BeLight Software Image Tricks Pro?

textures and shapes. Art Text 3 Integration You are not bound to use the supplied heading presets. You can start creating your own text effects and artistic lettering with Art Text 3 and seamlessly use it and edit in the Swift Publisher 5 document. Art Text 3 purchase is required.

Depositphotos Integration Want more photos and images? Check out Depositphotos - one of the largest picture banks. More than 50 million pictures can be added into a document with just one click. Buy single pictures or get a subscription. For demo purposes, you can download pictures with a watermark right into Swift Publisher 5. How do you get BeLight Software Image Tricks Pro?

Maps Integration Make sure that your clients can always find you. Include a street map with driving directions into your brochure or flyer. You can even add high resolution satellite imagery of your area for advanced navigation.

New Templates New templates were added to be customized and used when needed, providing a quick solution for a small business or just a family reunion meeting. Enhanced Interface The user interface has become more stylish and intuitive!

Check out the cutting edge icons on the toolbar and the new tabs in the Inspector. Optimized for macOS Improved Performance The reworked engine significantly improves program performance allowing you to edit large, multi-page documents smoothly and efficiently. Other Enhancements Layers Panel in the Inspector Layer management was moved to the Inspector, which is much more convenient than the drop down menu. Pixel and Pica Units Pixels are How do you get BeLight Software Image Tricks Pro?

when working with web banners and social network images, while picas are widely used by designers and in typography. Free Fields Free fields on the edges of the sheet are suitable for temporary placement of objects used in document creation.

Document Measurements The units of measure can now be set individually for each document and stored within it, making working with multiple documents more convenient. New Resize Mode You can now resize an object proportionally by dragging its corner handles with the Shift key pressed.


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