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The latest Master Collection delivers improved control over media you use and content you create. You can then open those files with a simple drag and drop.

A link to Adobe CS Live in the menu bar of several CS5 applications connects you to Adobe online services where you can share the video sequences, page layouts, artboards, and image comps content you create with others. CS Live free for a year with the purchase of Master Collection consists of five services, including Adobe CS Review for online collaborative review, Adobe BrowserLab to preview and test Web content in Internet Browsers or on operating systems you may not have see image, below , and Acrobat.

Tight integration with Adobe Flash Catalyst enables users to create artwork in Photoshop or Illustrator and bring it into the new Flash Catalyst application to add actions and interactive components. Other CS5 Master Collection highlights Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks allow users to create and save application workspaces consisting of panels and toolbars in custom configurations. This is helpful in a school lab setting where so many students and teachers use the applications.

Support for "live" workspaces directs the CS5 applications to record adjustments automatically. When you switch among workspace configurations, panels remain exactly where you left them.

InDesign lets you create layouts with multiple page sizes. For example, you can start out with a conventional letter-size document, then create a page in the spread suited for printing on a postcard or an envelope. When you create a text frame with multiple columns, you can choose the Balance Columns setting in the Text Frame Options dialog box to balance text across columns see image, right. It's now easier to rotate a selected InDesign page item.

As in Illustrator, you simply position the Selection Tool pointer just outside a corner handle, then drag the arrowhead to rotate the item. The InDesign layers panel now looks a lot like the layers panel in Photoshop and Illustrator. In Photoshop, the Ruler tool has a straighten option with built-in automatic cropping to eliminate white space, making it easier to align images. The Clone tool now lets you reverse the direction of the clone source, a feature that will come in handy when mirroring items like eyes.

The Refine Edge command improves element selection. A Content Aware fill feature determines what should have been in an image when elements are removed.

You can then stretch, twist or bend the image by dragging on an anchor point. It had fewer capabilities than Adobe Audition and eventually became a part of Audition. Adobe SpeedGrade is a color grading app that integrates with Adobe Premiere Adobe Story is a screenwriting , production scheduling and reporting app. Adobe Ultra is a discontinued chroma key compositing app; it removes the background of video usually recorded on a blue or green screen and combines it with another video background.

Adobe Ultra was only available in the CS3 package. Adobe Version Cue is a revision control system for maintaining multiple revisions of works among teams. Applications in the Creative Suite family were capable of accessing a stock photography service called Adobe Stock Photos before the service was discontinued in Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Standard is an edition of the Adobe Creative Suite 6 family of products intended for professional print, web, interactive and mobile designers.

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