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The ESI process is our backbone to engineering and the development of satisfactory plastic parts as it helps us build high quality and low cost into every product. Early consideration of manufacturing and design for assembly, shortens product development time, minimizes development and part costs, reduces rework and ensures a smooth transition into production for quicker time to market. Gain a competitive advantage by partnering with Plastic Parts, Inc. Advanced Technology Our broad range of computer software engineering capabilities includes tools that aid in plastic parts development through electronic design, simulation, validation, and optimization. Plastic Parts, Inc. We maintain a strict policy of customer confidentiality at all times. Utilizing SolidWorks modeling, a crude idea can be formed into a working product and streamlined for injection molding and assembly. Computer-aided design provides the ability to see how a product will appear and function, before tool construction begins. We have the ability to import files from other programs using feature generation software. CAE allows us to use mold-flow analysis, a method that utilizes a set of algorithms to define manufacturing processes, offering more computations than is possible by hand, especially when used with optimization systems. After part designs have been generated, they are transmitted via DNC transmission to one of our state of-the-art CNC machining centers operated by experienced programmers to accurately transform your product design into reality. The design programs streamline efforts and avoid costly mistakes translating data. Material Selection Assistance Our broad knowledge of engineering materials allows us to assist you in the selection of the best resin materials for your project. From basic polypropylene to engineering-grade ABS and polycarbonate, our team works closely with our resin suppliers to help you determine the most effective material for your product, at the right price. Our engineering-grade thermoplastics include:

Cost Effective SplitWorks Software


SplitWorks - Complex Example of Core & Cavity splitting environment

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