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It is possible to use Element on a network render farm but we do not recommend or support it because inconsistencies of GPU rendering. Since Element renders with impressive speed on a single GPU it is ideal to pre-render any 3D elements before pushing to the render farm. This page is intended for product reviews. If you are having trouble with a product and require customer support, please Contact Us Customer Reviews Fast And Efficient Element 3D is probably one of the best investments you will make. If you are a motion graphics designer, visual effects artist, or even just a graphic designer. This program will extrude any 2D image as long as it has masks. It automatically extrudes any text you throw at it. The only thing that you may expect, but should not, is to understand that Element is limited. As Andrew Kramer mentions, Element 3D is a bridge. It is a way to have a lot of steps in 3D done for you. Pros -Fast Real Time Rendering -Automatic Texturing and UV Mapping Cons -Does not have modeling capabilities -incomplete, so still being developed for more features which may end up increasing its cost Would you recommend this product to a colleague? Yes By: Robert Merritt Date: Element can not do this! I didn't find out until I purchased the program that you have to use another 3D program to fracture the object. Completely useless. Besides this huge misleading advertising, Element also crashes on me. A LOT. Would you recommend this product to a colleague?

Cheapest Video Copilot BackLight Pack


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