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ANT 1 AriT2 snqtgi.. Listen to foreign music, news, and commentary. Tune in local police, fire, aircraft, weather, and other public service channels with the VC VHF converter. All this excitement and more is yours with a Kenwood R receiver! Superior dynamic range. Exclusive Kenwood DynaMix'" system ensures an honest db dynamic range.

Ores 1i mmotill memory channels. Store mode, frequency, antenna selection. Voice synthesizer option. Computer control option. Extremely stable, dual digital VFOs. Kenwood's superb interference reduction. Optional filters further enhance selectivity. Dual noise blankers built -in. Direct keyboard frequency entry. Versatile programmable scanning, with center -stop tuning.

Choice of either high or low impedance antenna connections. Kenwood non -volatile operating system. Lithium battery backs up memories; all functions remain intact even after lithium cell expires. Power supply built -in. Optional Accessories: Consideration of the bill took exactly 25 seconds.

On Tuesday, September 30, , the U. Senate passed the amended version of the Act, now attached as an amendment to the anti -drugabuse bill. Differences in wording between the House and Senate versions must be reconciled, and an enormous amount of significance rides on the interpretation of the accompanying report as well.

The Simon amendments, offered as compromises with those wanting stiffer penalties, were accepted and incorporated in the bill. In its present form, S. It's my job as a journalist to report what I see.

But, just as I admit to taking some strange pleasure in pulling the wings off this shortwave fly, so do I recognize its successes. That bill, had it passed in its worst - worded form, would have made it illegal for you to listen to certain parts of the radio spectrum, even if you innocently did so as part of nothing more than a hobby.

There was even a clause about prison. In an effort to ensure your ability to tune about the bands, Terry and Bob took it upon themselves to inform listeners, buttonhole legislators, and even make a Washington, D.

The work done by these two gentlemen goes beyond a mere hobby interest in communications. For a period of time, they worked on behalf of all of us, giving freely of both their time and money to make legislators aware that some. The fact is that, because of their hard work, significant portions of ANARC- inspired wording were included in the bill and once again it is safe for you to turn on your scanner.

Anderson quoted ANARC representative Robert Horvitz's charge that cellular telephone advocates are "misleading the public" and "misleading the Congress. Anderson went on to point out the inherent fallacies of the bill which appears, at this point, to be quite lackluster. It would appear that in spite of the money donated to legislators to foist the bill on their colleagues, the Political Action Committees did not "PAC" a wallop! Washington Post clipping submitted by Bill Black, Washington, DC the use of the general public "; any amateur, CB or general mobile radio transmission; any governmental, law enforcement, civil defense, private land mobile, or public safety communications, including police and fire, which are "readily accessible to the general public.

The definition also limits First Amendment rights in electronic media by making it a crime to receive certain communications on the pretext that they are inaccessible, when they actually are accessible. But given the passage, we prefer the Senate version as the lesser of two evils, and regard the adoption of Sen. Simon's amendments as an important victory. I was thinking about Mssrs. The little yellow sheet has a typewritten quote on it by Aristotle.

It reads, "There are people who make things happen, people who watch things happen, and people who don't know anything happened. I feel that both Horvitz and Colgan deserve your applause. Gentlemen, take your well deserved bows. If there was a "Hero of the Hobby" medal, you guys would get it. Cover photos: Antique radio photos: Box 98, Brasstown, NC ph. Second class postage paid at Brasstown, NC, and additional mailing offices.

Grove Enterprises, Inc. Publisher and Utilities Editor: Bob Grove Broadcast Editor: Larry Miller Production Manager: Rachel Baughn Subscriptions: Pioneers of Broadcasting 16 Recollections of early American shortwave broadcasting by Williamson Profiles: The French broadcasts will be heard on the following schedule: Says the head of the service, "The English programs had to be shortened.

Twenty four hours is twenty four hours. We only have two transmitters. If we put up a program in French, we had to cut in half, actually, our English program Because we will try as much as we can not to change the contents nor the quality nor the style of program. The new French programs, will be broadcast daily except Sunday for 25 minutes. A 50 kw transmitter will be testing on , , and khz. A kw transmitter will be using , and khz.

Another kw transmitter is also expected to be put into service. SCDX Clandestine The Voice of the Libyan People, a clandestine station hostile to the government of Libya, operated by the National Front for the Salvation of Libya, broadcasts in Arabic between and on khz and again from to on khz.

The station is believed to be in Iraq. Radio Farabundo Marti, which says that it's broadcasting from Chalatenango Province in El Salvador, now only broadcasts at and Transmissions at and are no longer announced or heard on khz. When the station does begin regular programming, however, it's expected that English broadcasts will be heard between and , Spanish from to and then a combination of French, Dutch, Papiemento and Portuguese. The alternate frequency, khz, is expected to go on the air upon completion of a second transmitter.

Already, says Dr. Richard Schneider of World Peace University, the antenna tower is up and fundraising -- the station will be funded, in part, by listeners -- under way. Initial broadcasts over the 10 kw facility are expected to be in English and Spanish.

Because of a dispute with Radio Earth, which once carried the program, however, the name will be changed to This is Santo Domingo. Reports of the actual broadcast time of the program have varied widely; try khz between and Meanwhile, work on Radio KO Clarin's new antenna should shortly improve reception of the station in North America.

Assignment focuses on topical issues. Assignment can be heard on Wednesdays at , Thursdays at and again at Falkland Islands The Falkland Islands Broadcasting Service usually changes frequencies from khz to khz at this time of the year.

France France has added a frequency for its to broadcast of Paris Calling Africa. In addition to , and khz, try now also khz. The frequency often provides best reception as it is relayed by a station in Gabon, Africa. Germany, East Radio Berlin International has been testing new frequencies in English to the Pacific at , , and on and khz. At and , the station has been heard on and khz. Tentative Ireland Radio Dublin International now seems to have a 24 -hour a day service on khz.

Ecologists have protested the arrangement saying that the million dollar project may harm bird migration between Europe and Africa. Japan Radio Japan will now be heard loud and clear on the east coast of North America starting this month. October 1 marked the beginning of a transmitter swap whereby Japan will broadcast over the facilities of Radio Canada International in Sackville, New Brunswick. The schedule for the daily broadcasts is from to with Japanese language programs at and English at on khz.

Mali Radio Bamako in Mali reports its schedule: During the. Morocco Morocco's commercial shortwave station, Radio Mediterranean International Med -1 broadcasts in French and Arabic between and on khz. Netherland Radio Netherland's complete English schedule is as follows: On Sundays the broadcasts are extended until ; Saturdays until The station can also be heard at night from to Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Frequencies were , and khz. Times for the tests, which included music and announcements asking for reception reports, ran variously between and Peru A new station, Radio Sensacion in Huancabamba, Guayabamba Pro- vince, Peru has been heard on khz until its sign off with the Peruvian national anthem. Philippines Radio Veritas says that two 50 kw transmitter, used to replace ones wrecked by Marcos loyalists in the February ' revolution, have been replaced and are now on the air.

Two other transmitters, powerful kw units -- one donated by the archdioces of Cologne, West Germany and the other by the West German government -- will be on the air by the end of The first kilowatt unit was donated in but only allowed into the country a week before Marcos was overthrown.

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